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We deliver mulch, wood chips and stone blends for driveways. Our decades of experience allows us to accurately determine the amount of each that will be needed for each job, so that the homeowner has little left over and exactly what he or she needs. We make sure that the quality of our product is high which keeps our clients coming back to us for all of their landscaping needs, year after year.


Mulch not only gives your property and plant beds a clean and well-groomed look, it is important to the benefit of your plants and trees. Mulch is used to eliminate or reduce surface evaporation from the soil, it greatly improves the penetration of water, and the circulation of air around the plant roots and base, and in the winter months can even protect plants with superficial roots from freezing or frost damage. As mulch decomposes, it greatly improves the quality of your plants and trees. Your plants and trees will also no longer have to compete with weeds for water and sunlight, as mulch is a natural weed inhibitor as well. Plants and trees should be surrounded by a circle of mulch approximately three inches deep. If you have less than three inches surrounding your plants and trees, then you will not be able to reap all of the benefits of the mulch you are applying. If you apply too much mulch and create an area over four inches deep, then you run the risk of suffocating the roots of the plants or trees that you are trying to surround. Root rot is very common in plants that have too much mulch beneath them. We deliver mulch in dark, red and light colors. Our selection varies based on what each job requires.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are created by running wood through a shredder. They are small pieces of wood that is thicker and larger than mulch pieces and, due to its thick nature, provides larger ground-cover than mulch does. Wood chips are commonly used as ground cover, as they help to keep weeds out and retain the moisture in the soil below. Some gardeners use wood chips in place of mulch, while others combine the two to create a unique look. Many homeowners have wood chips delivered as a playground base, as they are softer to land on than earth is. Whatever your intended purpose, we deliver wood chips in different colors, shapes and sizes in as large a quantity as you need.

Stone Blends For Driveways

Many homeowners are foregoing the typical asphalt application on their driveway and instead opting for a beautiful stone blend to cover their driveway. Stone blends are beautiful, economical and durable. Although most homeowners can expect to have to add some stone after a few years of use, due to natural wear and tear, it is not nearly as expensive as replacing or repairing an asphalt driveway. We deliver different stone blends to your exact specifications, in any amount that you might need.