Suffolk County Cesspool Installation

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Unlike septic tanks, cesspools are cement structures with perforations along the sides. Wastewater is collected in a cesspool and gradually seeps out into the surrounding earth via the perforations in the cement holding tank. As the tank fills with waste water, solids fall to the bottom of the tank while liquids rise to the top. Elements such as oil float to the very top and create what is called sludge. Bacteria naturally work their way around the solids in the tank, essentially cleaning the tank when the proper balance is achieved. Cesspool installation must be done correctly the first time to avoid costly problems in the future.


When you hire us to install your new cesspool, we first make sure that the ground that we are working with is able to receive a cesspool. The ground needs to be porous in order to allow the waste water to trickle out slowly. If the earth surrounding the cesspool has too much clay in it, we may need to make other determinations for the location of your particular cesspool. Once we determine that the ground is alright for a cesspool installation, we dig a hole deep enough into the earth for the appropriate measurements of your system. The hole that we will be digging must be wider and deeper than the actual cesspool itself, however, the ground will be properly filled in upon completion so that you will not be left with a gaping hole in your system. We check the height requirements for inlet and outlet piping. We find a location that is far away enough from any groundwater areas to be certain that there will not be any seepage into your groundwater system. Before we install your cesspool, we examine the concrete structure to ensure that there are no cracks or holes in the concrete prior to installation, which would cause your cesspool to fail down the road. Once we have determined that your cesspool is in good condition, we will place it into the hole that we have dug for it. With a proper lid in place, we make sure that all of the connections are properly fitted to make sure that the cesspool will be fully functional. With the access cover and frame in place, we fill the tank with water, which will later be replaced by wastewater from your home. As the wastewater from your home enters the tank, some other water slowly seeps into the ground, creating the optimum environment for your cesspool to perform. The bacteria that naturally occur in your cesspool will eventually break down any solid waste material that is in your cesspool, leaving room for more to enter, as time goes on. This eliminates the need for any future complications, and allows nature to take its course.

We are licensed professionals and our 25 years of experience speaks for itself. Our cesspool installations last for a long time and we make sure to take the proper precautions before installing your cesspool so you do not have any problems down the road.